Vision and Values

Our Vision

We build upon strong foundations to ensure that our pupils are happy, secure and resilient individuals ready to move forward to a bright future. Our aims are at the heart of everything we do, they filter through the whole curriculum and act as a basis for our teaching and learning, our social, emotional and physical development and to empower us to create an outstanding school.

Our Aims

We will enable children to develop a positive self-image, the ability to make healthy choices and a respect for others, building strong foundations from which they can continue to thrive.

We will provide a challenging curriculum where children will have every opportunity to develop into curious and interested learners, to grow in confidence and achieve their full potential.

We will support and encourage every child to take responsibility for their actions and behaviour and teach them how to develop their skills through self-evaluation.

We will be resourceful when using our whole school environment, allowing us to provide a safe inspiring and creative setting from which each individual can benefit.

We will set high expectations where all members of our school community understand the importance of working together, valuing each other and one’s self to create a reflective and aspiring school.

Our Values

  • High Expectations: Expecting nothing less than the very best of ourselves
  • Resilient & Determined: Ensuring self-belief and confidence
  • Inquisitive & Curious: Approaching new opportunities with positivity and alacrity
  • Collaborative: A community of learners working together