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Strong Foundations: Bright Futures

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Strong Foundations: Bright Futures

School Council

School Council is made of a group of children who were voted by their classmates to represent them.  We hope to have a new group of School Councillors elected this half term who will meet (possibly via zoom!) to discuss their latest ideas and suggestions on how to improve their school.


Archived Meetings 2019/20


During our first meeting we talked about the ideas from other pupils on how to improve our school.  Some of the ideas were:

More things for sensory circuits
More Chrome books
Cake sale to raise money
More skipping ropes


Joel suggested a fun run where we get sponsored to raise money for more Chromebooks.
We want to raise money for Cancer Research.  We will talk more about this next week.


5th November 2019

This week we talked about what is going well in school and agreed that we love playing on the tyres as everyone waits their turn and we enjoy leaping from tyre to tyre. We enjoy using Chrome Books for research. We are reading a lot more in class and this helps us learn new things and build our vocabulary. We talked about lunchtimes and how we love school dinners. We discussed ways of making playtime safer when we use the playground. We have decided to zone the playground into different areas for activities. Playground Pals and Shed Monitors will help organise equipment.

Next time we will talk about buying new playground equipment and healthy snacks and lunches.


28th November 2019

We talked about how to make packed lunches and snacks healthier.  We have noticed that there is lots of litter around our school from children eating snacks and dropping litter.  We talked about it to the whole school in assembly.  We are going to do some research and will discuss healthy eating at our next meeting.

We are going to split the playground so that children don't get so muddy and have more space to play.  Birch and Conifer will use the back playground.  Oak and Sycamore will use the front playground.  Playground Pals will continue to help set up and run the activities in the front playground.