Years 3 to 6 follow a broad and balanced curriculum which allows children to progress in each subject and build on prior learning. All subjects are carefully planned for and the school has recently updated every topic in order to provide a range of experiences and contexts for children to explore and to apply their skills across the curriculum.

Each curriculum leader is responsible for ensuring that their subject provides good continuity and progression. Class teachers are responsible for teaching and assessing the children and informing each subject leader about the progress of their children at the end of each unit of work.

Within each lesson the work is differentiated to address the needs of all the children with natural extensions for the more able and support and structure for the less able. Each topic also has essential learning objectives that are made clear to the children at the beginning of the topic. Each lesson has a specific learning objective and children are asked to assess their own performance against this with some indication of what they need to do to improve. Children are also asked as often as possible what they would like to see in the topic and these ideas and questions can be addressed as the work progresses.

Maths and Literacy are taught in accordance with National guidelines and all other subjects are taught in line with the National Curriculum. Children’s progress is tracked through the school in the core subjects of Maths, Reading, Writing and Science. Children not making the expected progress are supported through intervention groups and individual education plans.