Oak Class


Welcome to Oak Class – Reception 

Teacher: Mrs Armstrong
Teaching Assistants: Vicky Payne, Kirsty Leadbetter, Lisa Jefferson and Bernie Mackie

In Oak Class, we love to learn through topic-based play. Our curriculum is based around the Early Learning Goals and we are focused on becoming kind, caring and inquisitive members of our school community.


We learn to read and write in Oak class through phonics lessons. We use the Letters and Sounds scheme to learn our sounds, however we do heavily adapt it to suit our own learning styles. Our pupils love to sing the songs that accompany each sound – there are a couple of links that you can sing along to together at the bottom of this page.


We improve our communication skills, broaden our vocabulary and build on our writing skills through our Literacy focus. We follow the Talk For Writing scheme, learning high quality texts as a whole class with actions and role play, then adapting and reimagining stories to make them our own.


In Maths, we focus on three different areas: number, calculation and shape, space & measures. We love counting, recognising and ordering our numbers. By the end of the year, we aim for our pupils in Oak to be able to count forwards and backwards in ones, twos, fives and tens, and separate numbers into tens and units. We practice addition and subtraction, and we love applying our mathematical reasoning skills to find solutions to everyday problems. We also learn about distance, time, money, shapes, symmetry… and much more.  


Autumn 1: Dragons
Autumn 2: Festivals & Celebrations
Spring: Around The World In 8 Weeks
Summer 1: Space
Summer 2: Time Travelers

Nearly all of our learning in class will centre around our topic. Our pupils become highly invested in their topics and they are enthusiastic to learn as much as they can about each one. 


Phonics learning

Jolly Phonics Song “a-z”

Play along with the Alphablocks and have fun with the letters of the alphabet.

Counting In Twos
Counting In Twos

Group Of Ten
Counting in 10


I would  recommend Alphablocks and Numberblocks, two fantastic Cbeebies programmes that really hone in on those key first steps in English and Maths.