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Tunstead Primary School

A caring sharing school

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Tunstead Primary School

A caring sharing school

Late/Absence Procedures

The school day begins at 8.45

All children should arrive on time and ready to learn.


Reporting Absences

It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the school of a child’s absence as soon as possible. This will normally be during the first day of absence via telephone call, visit or note.

If an absence is not notified the school secretary will, within an hour of the completion of the registers, make contact with the parent. This is primarily to ascertain the reason for absence but also to make sure that a child has not gone missing on the way to school and that (s)he is in proper care.


Parents are requested to send a note along with the child on his/her return stating the reason for absence. Absences for reasons other than medical, or deemed under exceptional circumstances, will be treated as unauthorised and the register marked accordingly. Should the absence persist, the appropriate School Attendance agencies will be contacted.



The school will keep an attendance register on which at the beginning of each morning and afternoon session pupils are marked present or absent. The detail of coding of absences is shown in the school’s Registration Policy and in the front of the register itself. Periodically the information is entered onto the school database where it forms part of the individual pupil’s ongoing school record.


Late arrivals

It is also our policy to discourage late arrival; pupils arriving late not only disrupt their own continuity of learning but also that of others.

Children who arrive after registration has closed should report to the office, this will be marked as an unauthorised absence unless an appropriate reason is given.